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Your transcribing is proving even more formidable this month as we go through some new and challenging records to transcribe! Volumes 4 and 5 of the General Registers have now been completed, alongside two volumes of Baptism Registers.

The current transcription tasks are for the Nursery Books, which cover the period 1756-1760. Once a child had been admitted, they would be baptised in the Foundling Hospital chapel on the Sunday. They were then sent out to live and be looked after by nurses living outside of London until the age of four or five. The Nursery Books are starting to give us a picture of the variety of locations that the children were sent to, and lived at, for the early years of their lives.

We are now also starting to transcribe the Inspection Books, covering the period 1749-1764. The Foundling Hospital set up a network of voluntary inspectors who would visit the nurses and the children they were looking after, to make sure they were caring for the child as they should. Transcription of these is allowing another part of the Foundling Hospital story to be revealed!

– Molly, Volunteer Coordinator 

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