In its mission to provide better chances for children, now and forever, Coram supports children from all backgrounds. We are dedicated to treating all children equally. In the past, as the Foundling Hospital, Coram took in a small number of children from ethnically diverse backgrounds.  The stories of these children are beginning to emerge in more detail, through the work of archive specialists, volunteers and young people involved in our Voices Through Time: The Story of Care programme, supported by the National Heritage Lottery Fund. We are pleased to support a special exhibition at the Foundling Museum, Tiny Traces: African & Asian Children at London’s Foundling Hospital, through access to our archive.

  • Petition from Lucy Strange
  • Petition from mother Diana Buxar from Bengal
  • Petition from Henrietta Disle
  • Petition of Susannah Mitford 1783
  • Petition for Jane Blake
  • Accompanying report for Jane Blake's petition
  • Billet for Foundling No. 7766