Our digital transcription project on the platform Zooniverse has been recognised as one of 20 projects in their highlights of the year.

One of the key areas of this project is the digitisation and transcription of the Foundling Hospital archive so it can be made accessible to all. There are thousands of records available, including general registers, inspection books, committee minutes and petition letters. These records are helping to bring the history of the Foundling Hospital to life and uncover the stories of the children and staff who lived there.

Our dedicated and growing team of over 2,000 volunteer transcribers are helping us to transcribe these all-important records on the crowd-sourcing research platform Zooniverse. Their hard work has been recognised in Zooniverse’s annual highlights book, Into the Zooniverse. This celebrates the efforts of everyone involved, providing a glimpse into the many ways the volunteer community has a real impact on the world around it. They said:

“This year’s book highlights just 20 of the many amazing projects that were active this past year. Your efforts are a wonderful example of using Zooniverse to further real research and engage the public meaningfully in your research.

Digitizing and transcribing these documents safeguards them for future generations and opens up opportunities for research, deepening our understanding of the story of care.”

Read their full article on p.23 of Into the Zooniverse here.

Voices Through Time: The Story of Care is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.