We’re digitising 112,000 images from our Foundling Hospital archive – but we need your help!

​At Coram we have a fantastic archive of historical records from the Foundling Hospital, the UK’s first home for children whose families were unable to care for them.

These include letters from mothers appealing for their children to be admitted to the Hospital, fabric tokens that mothers left as a symbol of their connection to their children, and the details of the everyday lives of children cared for there.

The archive is held at the London Metropolitan Archives and much of it is in a fragile and vulnerable condition, in part due to its status as one of LMA’s most popular holdings. These records’ current delicate condition means it is not easy for people to access them and that is why we are digitising and transcribing them. Once this is completed, we will be making them accessible to all, by putting images of the records and their transcriptions up here on this website.

We need your help to transcribe these precious records so that we can uncover the Story of Care from where it first began.

Your transcriptions will help us safeguard these records for the future and offer new and exciting opportunities for people to discover more about the lives of children at the Foundling Hospital.

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“…there are so many jigsaw pieces that can be linked to the stories of these children. And so many stories to be told.”
 – Julie, Australia

“Without a doubt, one of the things about 2020 that I am very grateful for has been the opportunity to participate in this project.”

– Joyce Elena, UK

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