This week we are celebrating Volunteers’ Week 2022 and all the amazing people who help us.

We are so thankful to all the volunteers who help us with our Voices Through Time project, from our dedicated transcribers to the Stories of Interest research volunteers and care experienced young people creating inspiring creative content. We couldn’t do it without you!

Here are some stats and quotes from our transcription project, which is progressing at great speed:

Since Volunteers’ Week last year…
  • 20,000 is the number of transcriptions our volunteers have completed
  • 325 is the average number of people volunteering with us each month

Volunteers have transcribed these records from our Foundling Hospital archive:

  • Both of the 2 volumes of Inspection Books
  • 25 volumes of Petition Letters
  • All 36 volumes of Sub-committee minutes
  • 2 volumes of General Court Rough Minutes

2,300 is the number of people who have registered to transcribe with us since we first piloted the project in June 2020. Look at some of their fascinating finds in the gallery below.

Here is a quote from our Stories of Interest volunteers, who are currently researching some of the fascinating stories of pupils at the Foundling Hospital. Keep an eye out for more information on their fascinating project:

“Learning how to share our research as a story online is very interesting. It’s a completely different process to presenting research in an academic essay!”

Screenshot of zoom training session with the marketing team and Stories of Interest volunteers

Zoom training session with the Coram marketing/comms team and Stories of Interest volunteers on how to create engaging content

Read more posts from our volunteer transcribers here, or find more posts from our volunteers in our blog.