In Letters from Lockdown, our first project, eight young people learnt about the Foundling Hospital through archive materials during weekly online workshops, reflecting on the experiences of young people in care over time.

This was used as a springboard for themes of hope, solidarity and gratitude which they explored to create their own handwritten letters. During lockdown, the project was used as a way of easing isolation, supporting mental health and building resilience.

Participants were given an opportunity to ‘meet up’ in between sessions to support each other’s writing. At the end of the project, they read their letters to a small audience of friends and family, and the letters were shared online.

Nkechi, aged 20 talks below about her experience of the project.

“I was really excited when I was given the opportunity to take part in Coram’s Letters from Lockdown project. I am a creative by nature and was intrigued by the idea of creating and writing during these unprecedented times. Not only that, but it came at a time where as a Care Leaver during Covid-19, not many people were asking about our experiences and I felt like I had no voice, this project gave me one.

Also, I had zero knowledge of the history of Coram and the care system in the UK, so being able to learn about Coram’s archive was an invaluable experience. It was fascinating, heartbreaking and inspiring. Being able to see their faces, hear their stories, and learn about how their lives were similar and different to ours. I feel like I have a deeper understanding of myself by understanding the experiences of the Looked after Children who came before me.

I got so much from taking part. It revived my sense of purpose, gave me structure and inspired other creative projects.”

Read Nkechi’s letter below.

Nkechi's letter

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