We are delighted that the finished blanket from our Stitch in Time: A Folded Reality project has arrived at Coram.

The Stitch in Time project explored the history of the Foundling Hospital through textiles. Care experienced young people created their own individual pieces using a variety of textile techniques, slogans, images and craftivism, which were then incorporated into a larger blanket with fold-out sections. These were designed to reflect the action of ‘folding’ – inspired by the way ‘billets’ were folded to hold the tokens for the Foundlings for identification. It also mirrors the action of folding down a bed or folding clothes.

Find out more about the process of making the Stitch in Time blanket here.

The narrative blanket will soon be on display in the Foundling Museum and afterwards go on tour to other museums around the country. This beautiful narrative blanket is made possible thanks to the work and creativity of our Story of Care Ambassadors, artist and activist Nicole Harris and partners in the Foundling Museum.

View the time lapse video of creating the blanket here:

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You can see photos of the finished blanket below. We hope you enjoy looking at it as much as we did making it!