This Volunteers’ Week, we would like to say a special thank you to everyone who is giving their time to support Coram’s Voices Through Time: The Story of Care programme. We are incredibly grateful for all of your help in preserving, researching and sharing history of the Foundling Hospital and in exploring parallels with modern care experience.

We currently have 791 registered Transcription Volunteers, who have collectively transcribed 2323 pages of the Foundling Hospital archive. Working with our Story of Care Ambassadors, we have co-produced our #RealStoriesOfCare campaign, which launched in February and has already reached over six million people.

We invited our volunteer transcribers and our Story of Care Ambassadors to share their experiences of the programme, and have created the video below. If you can’t see the film, you will need to enable ‘Marketing’ cookies by using the icon in the bottom left.

One of our transcribers, who uses the handle PJHJ60, wrote:

“I enjoy working out what the writing says, and I enjoy the fact that I can leave it for a day or two, then start again. I do various voluntary activities, and some of them are for fixed days and certain lengths of time. Coram does not require either a particular day or time, I just do it when I want. This suits me ideally, as I tend to have certain things which I need to do”.

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