From my brief but meaningful time spent as one of Coram’s Story of Care Ambassadors, I have been made to feel not only that my voice matters, but that I am an integral part of something bigger than just myself. Being a part of Coram’s team of ambassadors has offered such a broad banquette of exciting opportunities to represent the care system throughout the ages as well as a family of like-minded individuals to take part in, creating unforgettable memories for us all.

Being an ambassador grants me the chance to try something new almost every single month, from scriptwriting, to poetry, performing music on a stage, participating on a panel, voice acting, and so much more, the options are endless as we have a lot to say on what the future of care should look like.

From my perspective, Coram is anything but a place of limitations. It is a place of doing the undone. It is a place of nurture, encouragement, and support to do more than you could ever believe possible. It is a place of diversity, creativity, and acceptance. For me, ‘The Story of Care’ has been unity. I have been unified with astonishing people who, just like me, have a story to tell, and are dying to tell it. I have been unified with the history of care through the foundling archive, tying me to thousands and thousands of people throughout time who are just like me and yet so different in so many ways. Most importantly I feel I have found unity within myself, through both my newfound purpose and my newfound family here at Coram.

If you are care experienced and feel like being part of an amazing team of people, just like you? Look no further. We cant wait to meet you!