The Story of Care Ambassador programme invited care-experienced young people to produce creative responses to the care system – as it was, as it is now. The Ambassadors attended workshops to reflect on the care system, and to develop skills in creative media.

Taken during a time of change, Billy’s photo essay focuses on the various ways in which we transition to new chapters of life, in the many forms that takes: “moving on with friends, moving on with your life…[and] not just moving on in the literal terms. More moving on with mental health, political viewpoints, or other things.”

‘Moving On’ is part goofy, part real. Looking back at the photos after several months, Billy said:

“It’s nice to relive the memories, which I guess kind of is moving on, looking back at what’s happened in your past and for good or for bad, it’s kind of made you the person who you are today. So you can’t really be mad at that.”

View Billy’s photo essay below. You can click on any of the images to enlarge them.

  • And it was All Yellow
  • Friends you make along the way can always have a lasting impression
  • Wild friend in the wild
  • Being someone else only gets you so far till you become who you are
  • The world is vast, try & remember the smaller things to ground you
  • You always have a choice in life, only you can decide the outcome
  • Come good days or bad you can always move on
  • On the road again
  • Uno
  • Please don’t be delayed
  • Express yourself!
  • Leaving is the hardest part
  • I want to be in the room where it happens

The Story of Care Ambassador programme is part of Coram’s Voices Through Time: The Story of Care programme, made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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