The Story of Care Ambassador programme invited care-experienced young people to produce creative responses to the care system – as it was, as it is now. The Ambassadors attended workshops to reflect on the care system, and to develop skills in creative media.

Captured when she was moving out of London into university accommodation, Angie’s photo essay is about the notion of home, and the desire to re-create it when moving somewhere new. She describes how she tried to re-create her bedroom when she moved, and came to see the idea of home in a new frame upon “realising the re-creation wouldn’t be the same”.

In London, Angie lives between two houses in the same area. She documents the walk between them, a walk that has itself come to feel like home: “roads and streets that I walk down all the time so regularly that I could describe it in impeccable detail with my eyes closed”.

She explains how she has adapted the bedrooms at home:

“I always find that the space around me is like a reflection of my internal world. Because everything in my head is really chaotic, the space around me is also the same way. I always really enjoyed that. People sometimes say, oh, tidy space, tidy mind. But for me it’s colourful space. For me, it’s having all of those thoughts and memories all around me. That’s what makes me feel like, yeah, this is my space – and it only makes sense to me”.

View Angie’s photo essay below. You can click on any of the images to enlarge them.

  • The channels of home
  • The channels of home
  • Vanity
  • Calamity
  • Photos, frames, and dreams that I can’t name
  • A corner of my mind
  • Angles in Endz
  • Yes it's a mess. But this is my nest.

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