Story of Care Ambassador Mariam Njeri has created a poster and poem for Black History Month.

She says: ‘as a young black person and a mother I want to change the equality and prejudice that my children will face in the world’ using a photograph of her son as a starting point Mariam wanted to ‘ write a short piece expressing my thoughts and emotion towards racism in the world both historically and recently. I also asked a friend who is an emotional painter to paint me a piece that could be used as a poster’. I found the process to be ‘very therapeutic and an emotional ride as I cried whilst writing the poem’.


Belittled, betrayed,
Silenced & we must obey
I once used to dream, that I too, could

have a dream
All lives matter,

But how can all lives matter, when
black lives don’t?

From our ancestors being enslaved,
To watching our brothers killed on TV
and sent to their graves


People preach “Things have changed”
You know that birthmark, that mole,
that scar, that thing you can’t change?

So ask yourself, why does a skin
colour fuel so much hate!

Oppression, racism, self -destruction
All self -made, and self -constructed
Racism isn’t getting worse for us,
It’s just now getting filmed.

We have been fighting for equality
since 1913 when Rosa PARKS refused to
give up her seat on the bus, To Martin
Luther King Jr and still to this day we
are STILL fighting. Fighting to LIVE

Our skin colour is considered a
weapon, so therefore we are always
considered a danger.. but NOTHING is
more dangerous than an uneducated supremacist.

We are known as robbers and looters
when we learnt this behaviour from
YOUR ancestors when they looted our
land and raped our ancestors.

Ask yourself, how is a place like
Africa, a continent that produces
diamonds from its land, gold & coffee
beans still poor in 2021?

Martin Luther King had a dream,
And this was not it.