Over seven decades, the Old Coram Association have met at least two or three times a year for various events to bring together former pupils of the Foundling Hospital and their families. Here are the key events on the OCA calendar and photos old and new to remember this wonderful programme of events. At the bottom of the page you can find a full scrollable photo gallery.

Coram Day

The annual celebration of Coram Day has been hosted by the continuing Foundling Hospital, now known as Coram, every June. Former pupils, members of their immediate families, other members of the OCA and Governors of Coram have gathered to share memories, listen to the brass band over tea and conduct their Annual General Meeting.

Attendees at the final Old Coram Day, June 2022

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the OCA was held on Coram Day in Gregory House. Non-members of the OCA were able to attend and watch but not participate in the proceedings.

The last AGM, June 2022

Charter Day

The yearly Charter Day lunch was arranged by the OCA and celebrated the granting of the Royal Charter by George II to Captain Thomas Coram for the establishment of the Foundling Hospital. Every October, members celebrated over a lunch with friends and special guests and in recent years was hosted by the Foundling Museum.

Captain Thomas Coram

Carol Service & Christmas Party

The Carol Service & Christmas Party was arranged by the OCA every December. A joyous event for all ages, OCA members were encouraged to bring their children and grandchildren.

Visit to Ashlyns School, Berkhamsted

Members of the OCA, at the invitation of the Headmaster, visited Ashlyns School (formally the Foundling Hospital School) every two or three years. This offered a unique opportunity for former pupils of the Foundling Hospital, their families and guests to look around the school and remember their time studying there.

What’s next?

OCA members, former pupils and their families are most welcome to join Coram events. We will be continuing Coram Day as part of our Annual Court event in June, the carol service for children and families today and events for Charter Day, so watch this space for any updates.

Classroom at Ashlyns School, ©Julia Claxton
  • OCA members at Ashlyns School, May 2022, photo ©Julia Claxton
  • OCA members and their families outside Ashlyns School, May 2022, photo ©Julia Claxton
  • A tour around Ashlyns School, May 2022, photo ©Julia Claxton
  • OCA members at Ashlyns School, May 2022, photo ©Julia Claxton
  • Ashlyns School, May 2022, photo ©Julia Claxton
  • The final Old Coram Day in June 2022
  • OCA members and CEO Carol Harris in The Parlour exhibition, June 2022
  • Old Coram Day, June 2014
  • Old Coram Day, June 2015
  • Old Coram Day, June 2016
  • Old Coram Day, June 2018
  • The Queen meets Coram’s oldest pupil Edward Newton, 102 with the youngest child Mia, 14 months, with fathers James and Alexander on the 5th December 2018 in London in the United Kingdom. Photo: Sam Mellish