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This April will be the first-ever Care Experienced History Month: four weeks of dedicated celebration and commemoration of the lives of care-experienced people.

Care Experienced History Month will aim to bring to light what those who grew up in the care system have been through, both past and present. We will celebrate those who are no longer with us, explore how care-experienced people are embedded within global heritage and culture, and raise awareness of what it means to have grown up in the care system.

Join us for a wonderful evening with the premiere of our short feature film, “Memories of the Foundling Hospital”.   Former pupils Lydia Carmichael and John Caldicott take us back to a different time and place. Lydia and John both grew up in the Foundling Hospital during the Second World War and in the film, they show us around the school building and tell us their personal stories and journeys. After the screening, we will be joined by Saffron Cutts, Coram’s Youth Engagement Intern, who will tell us her reaction to the film and discuss it with John and Lydia.

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