Eliza Doolittle Day celebrates the fictional character of Eliza Doolittle and the protagonist in George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion (1913) and its 1956 musical adaptation, My Fair Lady.

This follows the story of Eliza, a Cockney flower woman, who is trained in elocution and etiquette to become part of London high society. It is believed that this story is based on one of the Foundling pupils called Sabrina Sidney, who was brought up in the Foundling Hospital from the age of two.

Black and white photo of a woman dress in costume with a basket of flowers

Magazine illustration of Mrs. Patrick Campbell in George Bernard Shaw’s play “Pygmalion” at His Majesty’s Theatre, London. Sketch Magazine, London, England, 22 April 1914.

Our Story of Care Ambassador Robyn has written a poem to celebrate:

For centuries you have known my name
Eliza Doolittle
You may have seen a film based off my story – My Fair Lady
That’s my story BUT not my story
I was a Foundling in the Foundling Hospital
Where they changed my name to Sabrina Sydney
They took away my life
They changed who I am
I’m no longer me
I’m trying to get back to me
I’m lost in the stories
Help me please get my story out

Later this year, Robyn will be going backstage at the London Coliseum theatre production of My Fair Lady to interview cast and crew and find out about the production process. Watch this space for more content to follow!