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Every single day

by Ronnie, aged 15

What a world
What a wild and wondrous world
A world where seven billion people
Go about their business
Every single day 

And even when it feels
like the days get longer and harder
Even when it feels exhausting to exist
Even when it feels like every day
is a vicious cycle
Of Earth-shattering misfortunes and scandals
Designed to slowly but surely
make you lose faith
And wander
“What the hell is all this for?”
Seven billion people
Just keep on going
Every single day 

Even though in the grand scheme of things
In the big picture of the universe
They’re all the size of ants
Even though in the future
None of their accomplishments
will be remembered
And the word “human”
won’t mean anything
Because there won’t be anyone left
to give it meaning
Seven billion people
Just keep on going
Every single day 

And when everything seems
to be crumbling around them
When their mothers, fathers,
sisters, brothers, lovers die
And their heart keeps beating
but their soul travels
with their dearly departed
To the deep dark unknown of
what comes next
Seven billion people
Just keep on going
Every single day 

Because after terrorism, tornados,
total terror,
and trying times
A year of assault, discrimination, judgement
And crisis after crisis after crisis
Of oppression, fear, and violence
Seven billion people
Refuse to give up
Every single day 

And every single day
Seven billion people wake up
Ready to fight the fight and damn it,
to win the fight
Ready to make this wild, wondrous world
The brilliant and beautiful place it is
Because it may be small in the big picture
But their little Earth is their everything
And what’s the point of all this
if they can’t help out just a tiny little bit
In their own tiny little way
Every single day 

So since the fight gives them a challenge
Since they know they can make the world
better for their children
Since they don’t know what tomorrow holds
But they know they have right now
and right now is all they need
Since all of them
Every single last one
From the youngest baby to the oldest man
Has a seed of brilliance inside them
That with some light in their life
Can bloom into a sprout
Of something incredible
And blossom into a tree
Of something revolutionary
Seven billion people
Fight to make a difference
Every single day 

And especially after a crisis
Especially when they see an opportunity
To help somebody else
Even though they might not know
who they’re helping
Because “human” means so much more than flesh and internal organs
Seven billion people
Fight for each other
Every single day 

And after a year of support,
standing strong,
and step by step improving the worlds
A year of love, hope, unity
And smile after smile after smile
Of understanding, communication,
and learning
Seven billion people
Make me proud
To be part of this wild, wondrous world
Every single Day