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Let me just check that with Mike

by Nathan, aged 20

The top of the hill is where I wish to stand
as I make my journey and I follow my plan
I feel myself sinking deep at times
but I catch, I latch,
I hold on to what I know which keeps me inline. 

Team after team dream after dream;
you see me but you don’t listen.
You’ve got guidelines and cash pots that glisten.
Waiting game is what I play
I sit here silently and stalk my prey
but I remember once again I know my game. 

Don’t jump too quick,
don’t call too soon don’t pester me
just wait a few moons,
but it’s alright I’m certain she’s just going to check with Mike. 

I left the pearly gates of family
to what seemed like another rollercoaster of tragedy.
Nervous I was; not nervous I am,
I think all these emotions are part of the plan
it’s a whirlwind of pain
but ultimately I have so much more to gain
I don’t stand here asking for glory and fame
I merely stand here wishing to state my name
for I am not a statistic, I am not a number
I’m a young person who has the government as my mother. 

I stand before you now proud and tall
I’ve been on this journey for many moons
but who would believe I could be you;
a normal person sitting down in a crowd,
applauding a fine performance
but instead I’m part of something enormous.
A system that isn’t all just broken,
but a system that needs repairing
just a system that’s got some wear in.
For the sake of the person I wish to become
I will not feel sorry for myself,
I will push and I will motivate myself. 

For I’m so proud of whom I have become,
I’m nearly at the top of my potential.
Some would say I’m not
but they’re not here to see what’s what
but it’s alright let me just check that with Mike.

It’s the last day today
the sky is clear
and the sun is so bright
the sun’s out,
my face feels different;
I feel like a ray of light.
A glow comes from my skin
as I stare at the last door
knowing that this is it,
there shall be no more.

My path is now the path of my own
now I’ll leave the government high chair
and claim my personal throne.,
for I have achieved
so much more on my own
to find me and my destiny
so if there’s nothing else to say
I think I’ve found the best in me
but that’s alright let me just check that with Mike.