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I am proud of…

by Lewis, aged 10

I am proud of myself because of my determination and of all the challenges of my life that I have faced and conquered. I am also proud of my first carer Shona* the best, patient Mum that I could have relied on or for a shoulder that I could cry on. She would help me with my difficult feelings and obviously my difficult life. I am very proud of my real Mum that started as an alcoholic that could not be bothered to do work, but now she works and is paid. She has stopped drinking a lot. Hopefully, maybe one day I could meet her but she is the main part of this story. 

I am proud that I can read with expression, write with skill, spell impeccably and the most important thing of all, I can talk loudly. I am proud that I can ride a bike and sing properly, dance even. I am proud that I have emotions that I can feel and now, can control. I am proud of my schoolwork and my relationships with my friends, they’re quite strong as well. I am most proud of my literacy and my maths. 

I am proud that I will be going to Povis Green* as my Secondary school and that I have made it in. I am proud of my wellbeing. I am proud of people that cared for me. I am proud of the food they provided, the beds and the pillows and mostly the love they showed me. 

I am proud of what job they wanted to get to, be carers for children. I am proud of everything in life that I have either thought about been happy about, pleased, overcome, and loved. I’m proud my family, my foster families, my school, my teachers, my TA’s, the people that have helped me to talk about my feeling like, Tom*, Lily*, Molly*, Samuel*, Dennis* and everyone else.