Voices entries

Primary School Category

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Lower Secondary School Category

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Upper Secondary School Category

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Care Leaver Category

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Who makes me proud

by Karis, aged 14

When I moved it was overwhelming
I was scared and upset at first,
but I soon realised
there was nothing to fear
I soon made myself at home here
I made friends
and met your lovely family,
they are now mine too
I don’t know what my life
would have turned out like
if I hadn’t of met you. 

If I want something doing
or need help,
I know you will always be there
No matter how I may be annoying,
or say I don’t care,
I know you will always be there
As many times as I have chocolate,
you know I will never share,
yet I know you will always be there. 

When I kick and scream
and yell I want to leave,
I know you still love me,
but most of all I know
you will always be there
we have cats and dogs,
guinea pigs and fish
best of all,
a horse was my biggest wish
It came true,
thanks to you.

Lots of lessons
has made me pro,
I plait my horses mane and tail
and ride her even more,
something I would never have learnt
if I hadn’t of met you.

I never miss school,
and you make me work hard
at times you get on my nerves,
to get things done,
watching my every move,
Checking my skirt is not too short,
that boys are treating me well,
Sometimes I feel like I’m living in hell. 

But I know why you do it,
and that’s because you care,
You want the best for me
and love me unconditionally. 

My foster mum
you always let me know
you are proud of me
You are the person
who makes me proud of you
And I know you will always be there.