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A letter to myself…

by Jade, aged 17

Dear Jade,

You’re probably wondering why you wrote yourself a letter but in 2 years time it will mean something worthwhile to you or even help you through those hard moments in your future life. You went through the struggle at 13 trying to fend for yourself. You had to survive on your own with no father or mother figure supporting you. Your nights and days were spent selling drugs just to get money, so you could eat, just to put clothes on your back. 

At 15, you searched for some love and attention and met your first ever love and your first ever regret. Mike* was the person that made you feel safe, who held you through the pain and nurtured you throughout everything even when it wasn’t his job to. He was there through the abortion, through the school and family problems… you just didn’t know the person you thought you was in love with would ever change on you.

The death of your friend Thomas*, a murder committed by Mike & his friend, scarred your life. How could the love of your life brutally stab someone in front of you? Leaving you with all the consequences of being accused of something you were never involved in. Your life entered hell, you had no friends, everyone was after you, threatening to kill you, you got pulled away from your family to live in Bristol*, you lost belief in yourself, wishing on yourself that it should have been you dead instead of Tom, you were at your very lowest when….

Moving to Brighton* changed your life. Brighton made you understand that God gave you a second chance, God wanted you to open your eyes and realise this is the time to change. You spent a year and half growing and building a better you with all the support of your carers, your new friends and just living in an environment that allowed you to work hard and strive for better things.

And now I can say…
I am proud of what you have achieved.
I am proud of your dreams, aspirations and how determined you are to make it.
I am proud that right now you are 17, living on your own, being independent, going to work and college, doing YouTube, learning how to drive, setting yourself goals, going to the gym and saving your pennies to live YOUR best life. To live YOUR DREAM.

So, this is it, the last part to your letter.

I hope you know you are a strong girl and you should never give up on yourself no matter how many faults you think you have. I hope you take all the terrible things that have happened to you and use them to help you climb not to allow you to fall. Last thing, don’t EVER forget I love you and I am proud to say I am happy to be Jade.