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by Georgia, aged 21

I am proud of the woman I have become,
The mental health disorders
I’m beginning to overcome,
Proud of the demons
who have made me get the help,
Proud of the university
that I attend,
Proud of the way
I handle hard situations, 

Proud that we live
in a world with different nations,
Proud that I am now
an influential person,
Proud that I no longer
feel a burden, 

Proud to be an auntie
to wonderful children,
Proud they know I’m here to listen,
Proud of the awards
I have achieved,
Proud I am standing
here as we speak, 

Mental health in young people,
Can really be bad and lethal,
Proud of the support
I have had over time,
Proud that I am dealing with mine,
Being dyslexic it’s hard to write,
But I am able to win this fight, 

Proud I am not
one of the statistics turned to crime,
Proud I am one of the few,
Who’s starting to handle
Life on my own and trying to get through,
Proud to be as independent as I am,
Proud that I got 12 grades
A-C in my GCSE exams, 

I am proud to one day
become a mother,
And not just turn out
to be another number,
Proud of the way
I’m becoming more confident,
Proud that my music is becoming more consistent, 

Proud of the weakness
that have become my strengths,
Proud of the scars
who have become my friends,
Proud that I may not always act my age,
Proud that I am like Peter Pan,
A child at heart that’s the way I am, 

Proud of the way I stand on stage,
Singing is the way to get rid of my rage,
I am proud I live with anxiety,
Proud of that I am a care kid in society,
Proud that I can change the stigma,
Proud that all my knock backs
have not stopped me, 

Proud I am determined to prove people wrong,
Proud to show people that I am strong,
Proud of the hard journey I’ve been on,
Proud of being a woman of 21,
I am proud.