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by Emma, aged 15

Throughout your life many people, many influences (both negative and motivational), will pass through, each teaching you a valuable lesson in life. The older you get, the more you appreciate the small circle of people that you embed yourself within. Their existence becomes more significant as each day goes by and you come to be more thankful and proud for all that they do for you when in need of support. 

From being a little girl people have always told me that everybody deserves a chance at life… and coming into care was my chance. My carers, both past and present, have helped me to form into a mature young lady. They have taught me the meaning of life and that your biggest fan will always be yourself. They motivate me to do well in life and often remind me that “we are only visitors to this planet”. This reaches out to me on a special level and makes me determined to make a difference in the world and to encourage others to do the same. 

Before coming into care, I was a totally different person. I was shy, quiet and not the least bit confident in myself and my capabilities. Now though, I am outgoing, determined and a person that I feel proud to be. The resilience I have gained from the consistent support from people around me is astonishing. I couldn’t be more grateful. When I think of pride, the first person I think of is my beautiful mother. 

The idea that such a wonderful woman could lose her life unexpectedly in the blink of an eye, makes me appreciate the existence of those closest to me. As each day passes, her once striking presence becomes more of a distant memory and less of a comfort. However, despite the fact she is no longer here to watch me flourish, I know that deep down she sees my every move and watches me gracefully with those stunning eyes, connecting with my heart in a way which nobody else ever could. She motivates me. She makes me proud. 

Finally, one of the most influential groups of people involved in my growth are my wonderful friends. Each and every one feels more like a sister every day and supports me with my struggles, doubts and problems unfailingly. Not only do they help me constantly but this is a shared bond. Together as a whole we ignite each other’s dreams and encourage each other to achieve our goals. I am so proud of them all- I probably wouldn’t be here today without them. 

As much as I know this is neither a story, nor a poem or a rap or even song lyrics… it is the truth and the truth is more meaningful to me than any story I could ever write. These people make me who I am and I couldn’t be more appreciative.