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This is me…

by Elisha, aged 16

I was the child with the past
The past that trumped them all
I moved houses, got abused
screwed about felt like a fool 

Seven primaries in my life
Yeah I barely learnt a thing
I didn’t even know the time
And adding was the worst 

Then high school came around
Acted like I was so tough
But behind the scenes
I was just a bluff
Foster home to foster home 

Revision down the drain
Exams around the corner
Didn’t even learn a thing 

But an angel came to me
Fixed my focus
Gave me luck
Got me onto the right path 

Then the day had finally come
I made it to the finish line
With college up ahead 

And on the day I stepped inside
Felt like the heavens opened up
Cause life was looking up for me
I’m finally where I want to be
I’m proud of who I’ve become 

This is me