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by Connor, aged 11

My family do make me PROUD,
but I will always know that they love me
to the highest cloud.
My family makes proud,
even to this day,
they’re all like a royal crown,
shining in their own way.

With my family
they never make me sad,
with them being around,
I never feel bad. 

My family do different things
that should make them feel proud,
My brother plays football
The other one is a gamer. 

My dad is a keeper
While my mum’s like a royal helper
They are like a silver crystal,
shining in the moonlight,
I’m always thinking about them,
even in the night. 

My family still makes me proud,
they throw the bad away,
and with their determination
they could make a lion stay. 

They might not have been my birth family
but I love them very much,
with their love and their ways
my heart they touch. 

My family do make me PROUD,
but I will always know
that they love me
to the highest cloud. 

My mum is tall and blonde,
she is very thoughtful and strong,
she has a loving heart
that could make the joker care for art. 

My dad is small
and his hair is brown,
he would definitely suit
the king’s royal crown,
so he should really take a bow. 

My older brother plays football,
he really is quite tall, he is kind
and has short, curly, brown hair,
and if he left I would miss his care. 

My other brother
is a cunning gamer,
and he has some skills like Neymar,
he is thoughtful and kind,
the kind of brother
you would like to find. 

I do love them very much
and I know that they love me.
They are kind and loving
and have a heart full
of feelings inside them. 

They are strong
and determined to make lives great,
that is a really good trait. 

I wish that I could be with them
all my life.
They are the best
and sometimes the worst
in the ups and downs
in family life,
but they always end happy 

They put themselves out for me
and I wish that I could
pay them back somehow,
I will think of a way by being
the best I can be every single day. 

I would like to end this poem on high,
maybe on a bridge or in the sky,
where I say it is not what matters all I want to
say is that whoever you are
you will always make someone proud. 

We may not be made
of the same blood
and didn’t started life all together,
and some people may think of us as odd,
but it’s the love and support
that makes us family
and for that I feel proud.