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Shout it loud, it’s time to find PROUD

by Charlotte, aged 13

Now life has dealt me
a different hand,
one I never asked for
or would have planned,
I grew up on
the receiving end from evil acts,
forced into a world of lying pacts. 

Nothing and no one
to be proud of there,
surviving each day
with words of the usual swear. 

I was discredited by those losers,
all just a load of bruising boozers,
It hasn’t been easy no simple ride,
but now a real mum and dad ALWAYS
there to guide. 

Hey they make me PROUD
yes it’s them close to me,
they willingly entered
my world of the beastly. 

They listen they react
my side they are by,
they are my forever family my true ally.
They talk of how they listened
to God’s calling voice,
leaving their past lives for ME
they made that choice. 

I still can’t believe it why me,
so thankful they had heard so clear
so often my inner plea.
But they did and they work
tirelessly night and day,
what makes me so PROUD
is they never sway. 

Whatever I do
however I am
they are there so real,
they are my unbendable steel.
I eat now I sleep in peace,
even those nightmares
have begun to decrease. 

They have invited me into
a loving caring home,
I have no need to consider escaping
or trying to roam. 

I’m PROUD of their strength their fortitude,
to take not just me
but my sister and brother brood.
So PROUD too I
have inherited a big sis and bro,
what they have achieved
makes me want to glow. 

Our big sis lives in London
a fashion icon for real,
PROUD I feel as she is the real deal.
PROUD of our big bro
out there in the States,
made a life with a wife a writer he creates. 

Now that’s what real parents do
you see for their offspring,
give confidence to lift upspring.
Our forever parents brought the word PROUD to our hearts,
not the dread of life in fits and starts. 

I’m PROUD how we all laugh
and joke around,
it’s great to see smiles
instead of lines and frowns. 

What’s brilliant about composing this RAP for you,
is it’s made me aware that I’m PROUD of me too.
You see I made it out from the dark to the light,
away now and forever clear of the affright.
PROUDNESS I feel has a healing hand,
as it grows within strike up the band. 

Feeling PROUD has made me stronger opened up my way ahead,
putting past wrongs down there with the dead.
Indebted mum and dad repay I hope so,
to make you always PROUD of me as I grow. 

But let’s never forget there’s children still in despair,
who’s there for them to bring PROUDNESS and CARE.