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Never said enough

by Charde, aged 16

She wants to die
She’s calling death and this is her third try
She’s ready to say goodbye
Her only thought is the pain inside 

She’s desperate now,
sitting on the hospital bed
she starts to cry
She’s waiting for angel wings to grow
so she can fly,
fly to the place above 

Where she’s no longer haunted by life
She’ll be watching over us from the sky
She doesn’t want anyone
to hurt as she floats up high
“I’m okay” she whispers,
the same repeated lie
Psychiatrists demand
she have a hospital bed
on suicide watch for the night
So there it is again,
another failed attempt
to escape her pain filled life 

You see she wants to do well,
wants to thrive
But pain is never far behind
Sometimes she’d look up
and wish to be a bird
floating through the sky 

Or get lost in a fantasy life
that she’s no choice but to admire
With the solid belief
her pain is self inflicted,
just like her scarred wrist
To be with her siblings
is her one ignored wish 

But since they stole her family,
she’s been unable to experience happiness
This pattern seems to be the one professionals and authorities always miss 

Even as she speaks to her therapist
As she talks about memories of her siblings
they are blind to see the small smile
tugging on the corners of her lips
She thinks about the day her siblings were dragged away
as she watches her arm and the new blood that drips 

Then the thought of losing them for good making her stomach do flips
She comes out of her daze,
rinsing the blood from her arm telling herself to get a grip
She’s angry and hurt
I mean she could write you an endless list
Her future seems so far
she’s unable to see it
because of all the mist
In her heart there’s this hole this abyss 

But she’s made it this far
with a smile on her face
Sister, I know life
has been one big confusing maze
But I’m proud of you in everyway
Your constant smile
admirable even through moments of pain 

You’re struggling to cope
but you’ll be okay
You have four siblings
wanting to be just like you
because you’re so brave
You don’t let anyone see you’re suffering
and it’s insane 

Helping everyone you know with their struggles ignoring your own
Always there as a shoulder to cry on even if it goes in vain
You take the back seat feeling so alone
Trying to make sure
you’re there for everyone you know 

You carry more love
than anyone could ever know
So much kindness in your heart
letting the love just flow
But let down and betrayed so many times
it’s just blow after blow
I’ve let you down too
and that you don’t even show
But I love you
And I don’t say it enough
But I’m proud of you Sis
I’m proud of you