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Ro to the rescue

by Allasandro, aged 13

One Saturday whilst walking to the shop I came across a lady who was struggling with her shopping, it was very cold, snowy and icy. I offered to help carry her heavy bags, she was very grateful and wrote to my headmaster at school, he was very proud of how well I’d represented the school. She also sent a thank you card and £5. It felt very good to help her and make my school and all my family proud of me so I thought I would tell my story through a poem. 

My name is Allasandro
but people call me Ro,
I’m 13 and I like to put on a show,
This is what happened
a few Saturdays ago,
I came across an elderly lady
who was walking real slow,
She was slipping and sliding
on the icy snow,
I removed my hood
approached her and stood
and offered to do something good, 

“Please may I help carry your shopping home
it’s very slippy and you’re all alone”.
“Oh yes please that’s very kind
I was worried I’d slip on my behind”
so I carried her shopping up the street
whilst we struggled to stay on our feet.
Back at school my name was called,
“oh what have a done now” I bawled 

I heard the words
“I’m so very proud”
right in front of an eager crowd.
My headmaster had received a letter of gratitude,
this put me in such a good mood.
Back at home the celebration begun,
and all because of what I had done.
Everyone is proud of the young man I’ve become.