Voices entries

Primary School Category

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Lower Secondary School Category

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Upper Secondary School Category

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Care Leaver Category

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Art of my heart

by Adam, aged 10

If you could see,
what I see when I pick up my pens,
The pictures that I paint
and the hours that I can spend. 

The red, the orange,
the pink and the blue,
swirling round and round, 

Then passing through my fingers
and it’s there,
my thoughts are found. 

I use bright orange
when things look great,
Just like rays of sunshine
on a summers day. 

Red can be my anger,
when I am feeling hurt,
Just like a fire inside me,
this colour really works. 

Blue is when I am feeling down,
when I find it hard to say,
Just exactly what has gone wrong
and make it go away. 

Things are looking rosy
when I use my pink pen,
It feels like all the red has gone
and things feel good again. 

If I mix all the colours
and see the different shades,
I guess that’s how
I would paint myself
and put me on display. 

I am proud of all my art,
I want everyone to see,
Just how much
my pictures and colours mean to me!