Voices writing competition

Voices entries

Primary School Category

To My Sister! by Aminah
Art of My Heart by Adam
Proud of Being Proud by Chael’s
I Am Proud Of… by Lewis
PROUD by Connor
What Makes Me Proud by Liam

Lower Secondary School Category

Who Makes Me Proud by Karis
Shout it Loud, it’s Time to Find PROUD by Charlotte
Ro to the Rescue by Allasandro
Feeling Proud by Tamzin
Every Day in Every Way by Teoni

Upper Secondary School Category

Proud by Emma
Never Said Enough by Charde
This is Me… by Elisha
Every Single Day by Ronnie
Kindest Boy in the Class by Lyndsey
A Letter to Myself by Jade

Care Leaver Category

Pridary by Tychique
Sincerely, From an Older You by Louise
Let Me Just Check That With Mike by Nathan
What Deserves the Picture of my Pride by Asmara
Forced to Grow by Abbey
Proud by Georgia

The Voices writing competition gives looked after children and care leavers a platform to express themselves in their own words. 

Against a backdrop where the stories about care-experienced children are often negative, the competition promotes a positive image by showcasing young people’s creativity and improving understanding of their experiences.

It was launched in 2016 by the Coram group charity, Coram Voice, in honour of its founder Gwen James who died in 2015.

Coram Voice believes that by hearing, and more importantly listening, to the voices of young, care-experienced people, we can better understand them and make their lives better.

Voices’ supporters

Voices  is fortunate to have a wide range of supporters, some of whom have experience of care themselves.

The Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi hosted our two most recent Voices awards events.

He said:

“The judges and I were immensely impressed by the quality of writing, and the ability to convey emotions and experiences through the power of the written word. While they vary in their formats, from letters and poems to short stories and raps, they all keep the reader engaged from start to finish.”