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Kindest boy in the class

by Lyndsey, aged 16

When I was 3, me and my 5 other siblings got taken into care, suffering from neglect and abuse. The youngest being Tim* at 12 months and the eldest being my only sister at 12 years. “Tim had been terribly neglected as a baby, and taken into foster care at just a few months old.” This is how Tim was described in the adoption files. Tim hadn’t had a normal start in life. He hadn’t had the opportunity to play or move much so ended up being very over weight for his age and experienced things he shouldn’t have witnessed or had to go through, he hadn’t had the attention a child needs to be able to do simple tasks such as bond with others. 

When Tim was 2 he managed to find himself a lovely (at least that’s what we thought) adoptive family, a young couple from Sunderland*. Everything was going so well, they bonded with him straight away and had it all sorted for him to move in with them; the mum had had fertility problems and thought that Tim was the son that she and her husband had been waiting for, 2 weeks later from them meeting Tim it suddenly dawned on Hannah* that Tim wasn’t going to be able be the son she had always dreamt of as he wasn’t her biological son. So after 2.5 weeks she was diagnosed with post adoption/natal depression and made the very hard decision of returning him to foster care. Where he was placed with another couple and their daughter. After not very long they decided to adopt Tim at the age of 2.5 years. 

As you might imagine after all this moving about Tim was very traumatised and was very far behind on his developing. Now Tim is age 13 and I couldn’t be a prouder sister. When Tim was little he attended speech and literacy therapy as he still hadn’t started speaking at age 3. I have yearly letters from Tim’s adoptive parents and am always happy to hear he is doing really well as has caught up with most of his class mates in his learning and is already thinking about going to university when he is older. I haven’t seen Tim since he was 2 as his parents feel it is best for him to be able to settle 

in properly before he sees his siblings. Although I really wish I could see him I respect their decision. My most vivid memories of him were that when he was sad or scared he would roll into a ball like a hedgehog or when he was happy he would just bob around. 

The reason I am so proud of my little brother is although he has had a very stressful and traumatic life (by the age of 3 going to 4 different homes) he has turned into such a handsome young man and has made the most of his happy times at his adoptive home. Tim has recently been awarded “kindest boy in class” which I think is amazing! I am so proud to have such a strong, handsome young man as my brother and I can’t wait to see him!