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Slideshow of Robin Ollington and Albany Wiseman at work on the book

Captain Coram: Champion for Children is a beautifully illustrated new children’s book which tells the remarkable but little known story of Thomas Coram.

With a foreword by Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi, the book has been published (in September 2018) to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the birth of Coram’s remarkable founder.

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A page from Captain Coram: Champion for Children

Robin and Albany discuss the making of the book

Making the book

Aimed at 7-11 year olds, the book was created and designed by Robin Ollington and illustrated with original watercolour drawings by Albany Wiseman. Robin and Albany have worked in partnership for over 50 years, publishing a number of children’s books.

It tells of how, shocked at the sight of abandoned babies in the streets of London in the early 18th century, Thomas Coram campaigned tirelessly for 17 years to establish his charity, then known as the Foundling Hospital, the first home for babies whose mothers were unable to care for them.

With colourful illustrations, the book explains how Coram’s work attracted the support of Hogarth, Handel and other leading musicians and artists of the day and how Coram continued to campaign throughout his lifetime, championing the welfare, education and rights of vulnerable children.

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Long term Coram supporter Peter Capaldi writes in the book’s foreword:

“Our hope is that by sharing in this story, you will see that when you fight for what is right, true and lasting change can happen.”

Through its crowdfunding campaign, Coram has so far raised enough to send a free copy of the book to every primary school across London, where Thomas Coram lived. The campaign continues to enable the charity to make this gift to every primary school in the country.

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